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Altitude Training in Livigno

Effects and benefits of mountain training

The positive effects of altitude on physical performance have been known to athletes and coaches for some time now. Altitude training has a positive effect on the oxygen transport mechanisms, which is why altitude trainingis usually included in their programme.

The location of Hotel Spöl at a height of 1,816 m is particularly suitable as a starting point and venue for altitude training.

Dario, the Hotel Spöl manager and an avid cyclist and triathlete is at your disposal to help you plan your stay in Livigno, because only those who practice these types of sports can truly understand the needs of an athlete.

Altitude training for cyclists, runners and triathletes

For years the protagonists of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France bike races have come to Livigno to train. Pedalling through the streets in Livigno you may be joined by Contador or even by your favourite cyclist. Even runners have a long pedestrian footpath and many paths for them to peacefully run while being surrounded by nature.

For some years now, with the opening of Aqua Granda with its 25m swimming pool, also professional triathletes and triathlon enthusiasts take advantage of the qualities of altitude training in Livigno to, as they usually say usually, “oxygenate themselves”.

The benefits of altitude training

In fact, the mechanism of oxygenation works in reverse, i.e. during altitude training, the body reacts to situations of hypoxia (the lack of oxygen) by developing natural adaptation solutions that result in improved performance for both professional and amateur athletes.

Three reasons to carry out altitude training, plus one extra:

There is also a fourth reason that is not merely of a scientific nature and this is calledliving an athlete’s lifestyle: training courses on highly motivating routes, resting during the day and during the night, at an ideal temperature, eating a healthy diet and drinking pure water, living far away from stress, are some of the most important benefits of staying on higher ground.

Where to train in the mountains

To enjoy the benefits of high ground, so as to generate concrete body adaptations, it is advisable to stay at an altitude of at least 1,500 metres above sea level for about three weeks. Thanks to the altitude ranging between 1,816 and 2,700 metres, Livignoand its passes are ideal for the altitude training of athletes and running, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon and swimming enthusiasts.

After the training session, you can relax at the wellness centre, regain energy and loosen up any muscular tension with a sports massage. In this way you will get back into shape and recover the right balance before resuming sports activities.