Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
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Body Treatments

Treatment for each feeling. Holiday Valtellina will be more beautiful!

Take your time to take care of yourself.
A trip back inside the primordial womb! Camper and let yourself go in the worm and voluptuous embrace of Nuvola … you will be magically transported to the ancestral and protective memory, surrounded by sweet and warm aromas.


In this harmony between man and the environment, between body, soul and nature, you will achieve an unequalled sense of peace and wellness.

Nuvola Valtellina’s apple This body and face treatment is fresh, moisturising, soothing, decongesting and anti reddening, suitable for all skin types and especially for delicate skin. Hydrate and soften skin, leaving and scented it. 25/30 min. euro 33,00


Nuvola chestnut A precious source of mineral salts, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. The chestnut has strong regenerative and detoxifying actions at the skin level, stimulating circulation and metabolism. Invigorating for tired and heavy legs. 25/30 min. euro 33,00


Nuvola tangerin A face and body treatment with a Mediterranean scent. Nurtures the skin and leaves it soft and silky. Citrus fruits stimulate the drainage of the skin and tone and revitalize the tissue. 25/30 min. euro 33,00


Nuvola fig Rich in natural sugars, minerals and vitamins. The fig has nourishing, vitaminic and mineral effects. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. 25/30 min. euro 33,00

Trattamenti corpo, Hotel Spol
Trattamenti corpo, Hotel Spol

Nuvola chocolate Body and face treatment, a warm and enveloping, intensively cocoa scented body and face treatment. The anti oxidation action of the polyphenols, the vessel protecting action of the flavonoids and the lipolytic action of thecaffeine, all favour silhouette remodelling. 25/30 min. euro 35,00


Nuvola pepper A body treatment with a mix of white mud, dead sea water and pepper for a lymphatic release, draining and reactivation of the micro-circulation helping to combat cellulite. The pepper face cream helps gives deep relaxation which reduces expression and stress signs. 25/30 min. euro 45,00


Nuvola mud with bandage o counteract widespread or localized adiposity. This treatment of mud and bandages is an effective aid, assisting in important oxygenating and draining actions at the tissue level. 40/45 min. euro 55,00


Nuvola Valtellina's grapes body and face treatment abounding in polyphenols and antioxidants, protects the skin’s collagen and elastin components. During application its scent inebriates the mind and lifts the mood. 25/30 min. euro 33,00


Promo peeling + Nuvola To ensure perfect results of the mousse treatment we recommend a scrub before your treatment in the cloud bed. Extra charge of euro 26,00

Trattamento massaggi, Hotel Spol
Rely on our experts
Trattamento corpo, Hotel Spol
Body Treatments
Treatment for each feeling. Holiday Valtellina will be more beautiful!
Trattamento peeling, Hotel Spol
Peeling at the spa
The mountain creates special products
Trattamento bagni alle essenze, Hotel Spol
Essencial Bath
The mountain creates special products, the spa baths unforgettable!
Trattamento percorsi benessere, Hotel Spol
Wellness Paths
Make yourself a gift: a holiday in Livigno gives you right opportunity
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