Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
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Essencial Bath

The mountain creates special products, the spa baths unforgettable!

Essencial bath The welcoming atmosphere, the warmth of the wood and the soft candlelight promote a harmonic feeling of wellbeing. Relax in the warm water which has been enriched with mountain essences.


Pinus Sarentinis bath Plan to restore the blood circulation after a long walk and to speed up the muscular recovery after the sport activity. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


Bio honey and Livigno’s milk bath  Moisturising, protective and smoothing treatment is to be enjoyed immersed in a soft milk-honey bath. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


Wild berrys bath A burst of fruity fragrance , uplifting bergamot will surround you like a cozy blanket dissolving all of your cares away. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


Valtellina’s apple and cinnamon bath The scent changes right before your nose, pulling you in with a blend of crisp apples and cinnamon. 10/15 min. euro 20,00

Bagni nella SPA, Hotel Spol a Livigno
Bagni nella SPA, Hotel Spol a Livigno

Spice bath The essential oils of cinnamon , nutmeg and myrrh have warming and firming proprieties and help to restore the vital energy. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


Rose petals bath This relaxing bath has an immediate calming effect on body and soul: for maximum wellbeing and harmony. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


White musk bath The extraordinary olfactory and aphrodisiac powders, making them more bold and self assured and favours the development of mental and spirituals energies. 10/15 min. euro 20,00


Citrusfruits bath ontains the trace minerals magnesium and zinc with birch (detoxifying) and essential lemon, sage, eucalyptus, thyme and mint oil. Has vaso-constrictive effects, tones, boosts the microcirculation and has positive effects on water and toxin retention. Suitable for the treatment of fluid retention and lymphostasis as well as swollen legs. 10/15 min. euro 20,00

Trattamento massaggi, Hotel Spol
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Trattamento corpo, Hotel Spol
Body Treatments
Treatment for each feeling. Holiday Valtellina will be more beautiful!
Trattamento peeling, Hotel Spol
Peeling at the spa
The mountain creates special products
Trattamento bagni alle essenze, Hotel Spol
Essencial Bath
The mountain creates special products, the spa baths unforgettable!
Trattamento percorsi benessere, Hotel Spol
Wellness Paths
Make yourself a gift: a holiday in Livigno gives you right opportunity
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