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Fat Bike in Livigno

Do you want more form your mountain bike? Try fat biking in Livigno

If you are asking yourself why you should try Fat biking in Livigno, the answer is simple: this year you can try trails that have been designed just for “fat wheels”, thanks to a pedestrian road that extends over more than 20 m, alongside the whole town.

That is to say that in Livigno, it is the time of Fat biking – not just a trend but also a real way of experiencing the mountain by bike, even in the snow.

Fat Biking: where mountain bike can't go

What are Fat bikes? Even if the expression seems to be more cute than technical, it actually refers to a special kind of bike – a super mountain bike with larger than usual wheels and rims (where the so-called “fat” name comes from).

Straight from the world of American action sport, these quirky shaped bikes with bigger wheels will let you get to where you couldn’t normally go with a mountain bike, meaning you can even cycle on snow.

Fat bikes in Valtellina for everyone

There are many good reasons why Fat biking is an unmissable experience and it is a wager which Livigno has bet on to offer fun and passion to all audiences:

Livigno, the top location for mountain biking, is waiting for you in the Valtellina with every kind of customised service available for people who want to get acquainted with this activity: fat bike rental for everyone, as well as a shovel, avalanche beacon and probe for people who are looking for the maximum safety during challenging excursions.

The right pairing: Fat Biking in Livigno and lifts

This year the Mottolino Bike Park is reinventing the conception of mountain biking by offering a winter version of its best trails and a series of original ideas:

The Mottolino Bike Park is the king of fun for mountain biking in Livigno during the summer, but also in the winter now too: snow is the natural element of fat ikes, so you no longer have any excuse. Organise your sport holiday and hit the most thrilling trails in the Valtellina.

Ready to ride on the snow? Livigno is waiting for you!