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Kinder Club Lupigno Summer

The leopard doesn’t change its spots: even in summer for your children

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a “Green Week” in the Valtellina area? During summer, Livigno and the surrounding areas offer you many reasons why to spend a wonderful family holiday here.

Kinder Club Lupigno, Hotel Spöl Feel at home
Kinder Club Lupigno, Hotel Spöl Feel at home

The kinder club Lupigno in summer

Our Lupigno organises many activities for your children also throughout the summer.

The Kinder Club Lupigno situated in Via Plan, in the heart of Livigno, is open from 8.45 a.m. to % p.m. and it offers you:

  • Outdoor games to be played all together
  • Shows with puppets and story -tellers
  • Exercises with manual activities and creative workshops
  • Music time with baby dance sessions
  • Nature walks with cable car trips to the mountain peaks
  • Parties to celebrate new friends met on holiday and much more!

Our special offers nad services mate-to-measure for families

If you want to experience the excitement of the Kinder Club Lupigno with your children, the Hotel Spol is the ideal location:

  • We are only 200 metres from the Kinder Club Lupigno
  • Those who book a holiday lasting a minimum of 3 days can benefit from a 50% discount off the Kinder Club activities!
  • We have bikes with children’s seats as well as little carts which children go crazy on
  • Family special offer: if you book a weeks’ holiday, children aged 0 -5 stay free of charge and those aged 6 - 11 have a 50% discount! N.B. This special offer is not cumulable with other offers.
Kinder Club Lupigno, Hotel Spöl Feel at home

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