Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
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Livigno & surroundings

The red Bernina railways, the vineyards in Valtellina: tips for a tour

Animali Trentino e Valtellina, Hotel Spol

The red train of the Bernina Express

UNESCO World Heritage since 2008, overcomes mountains and valleys since 1910 and offers an experience that takes you from the valley floor of the Valtellina to the glaciers of the Bernina Range. Afterwards you descend into the Engadin valley and experience gradients of up to 7%. The red train of the Bernina Express is the world’s steepest adhesion railway. A fantastic experience for big and small in unique surroundings.

Stelvio National Park

A natural paradise near Livigno. From spring to autumn the Valtellina offers the most beautiful colours and flavours, intense pastel colours and fragrant flowers and plants - the ideal ambiance to discover hidden, unspoilt spots. The spectacular valley is Europe’s largest natural reserve: the Stelvio National Park.

Avid hikers enjoy spectacular views and are going to be overwhelmed by magnificent fragrances and sounds. Livigno is the ideal starting point for hikes in these beautiful surroundings: the place, where the Stelvio National Park and the Swiss National Park meet and from where wonderful hikes on winding hiking paths allow you to discover the Alpine fauna and flora in their entire beauty.

This protected and unspoilt environment is the ideal place to spot local wildlife living in high alpine terrain. Keep an eye out for stoats, chamois, ibexes, deer, stags and squirrels peeking out from between the branches. A look to the sky might reward you with the sight of a beautiful eagle or a majestic bearded vulture circling its territory.

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The terraces of Valtellina

Where grape vines grow and award-wining wines are produced. They are without a doubt the most distinctive landscape of the Rhaetian side of the Valtellina. A single number suffices to support this statement: the dry-stacked stone walls delimiting the terraces have a total length of more than 2,500 km. The landscape is not only breathtaking, but also an important source of income for the tourism industry and the local economy.

Panorami Trentino e Valtellina, Hotel Spol
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