Various body treatments for a complete Remise en Forme

Take the time to treat yourself to some pampering.

Surrender and relax in the warm, voluptuous arms of Nuvola … you will return as if by magic to the ancestral, protective memory surrounded by sweet, warm aromas.

In this harmony between man and the environment, between soul, body and nature, an unparalleled state of well-being is achieved.

Body treatment with valuable and nutritious sources of mineral salts, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. Chestnut has a strong regenerating and detoxifying effect on the skin, stimulates circulation and metabolism. Invigorating for tired and heavy legs.
25/30 minutes 45 €

Body treatment with white mud, Dead Sea water and pepper for lymphatic drainage and reactivation of the microcirculation useful to combat any type of cellulite. On the face, pepper cream will give deep relaxation, reducing expression signs and stress.
25/30 minutes 55 €

Body treatment with green clay mud with draining and anti-inflammatory effect. Three types of algae and essential oils of orange, fennel, lemon, thyme, mint, juniper and arnica. Excellent for treating cellulite, fluid retention and inflamed areas. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
25/30 minutes 45 €

Anti-inflammatory and refreshing body treatment, subsequently soothing and decontracting. Based on essential oils and arnica montana flowers. Ideal after physical activity in our mountains.
25/30 minutes 45 €

Forest-scented body pack. Activates dermal turnover and stimulates purification of impurities. The skin structure is stronger and firmer, smooth and healthy.
25/30 minutes 45 €

Body treatment with a pack containing cucumber pulp, plant extracts of green tea and ginseng, enhanced with peppermint essential oil. Refreshes, firms and tones.
25/30 minutes 50 €