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Warm and Cold Baths

Along the way magical Engadine houses

In the wellness centre at the Hotel Spöl you will find the same atmosphere like in an Engadinevillage.

In the little huts you will choose among different kinds of warmand cold baths.

Here are wellness offers in Livigno.

Warm Baths

Steam baths are healthy. Take advantage of the offer in our wellness hotel in Livigno, such as:


A hot steam bath (45-48°C) with natural essences, to regulate the skin ph with a moisturizing and cleansing effect.

Finnish Sauna

A hot sauna (80-110°C): the high temperature has a detox effect, helps the blood circulation and stimulate the muscles.

Ninfea Revitalizing

A tropical rain with maracuja essence, and a revitalizing chromotherapy programme (orange).

Cold Baths

Afzer the warm, the cold baths help to stimulate the body functions:

Ninfea Revitalizing cold

Millions of little drops, with mint essence and a relaxing chromotherapy programme (blue).


Cold and warm foot baths, which help the blood circulation.