Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
Immagini Hotel Spöl Livigno
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Restaurant in Hotel at Livigno

Enjoy your meal: tradition with innovation, the Valtellina flavours

Piatti Ristorante, Hotel Spol

If you choose a wellness hotel in Livigno, you’re are probably thinking of a holiday in Valtellina, with 360° of wellness.

Stay well certainly means eat well: Hotel Spöl is happy to present you its ambiance and the delicious specialities of its gourmet restaurant.

Our restaurant

  • Rich breakfast from our buffet until 10.00
  • Italian breakfast until 12.00
  • Valtellinese, Mediterrean and Wellness Menu
  • Typical Valtellina dinner
  • Cheese tasting

Options at extra charge

  • Polenta party on a mountain hut
  • à la carte menu
  • Welcome drink - with strawberries and champagne

Innovation & Tradition

Everyday you can choose from three different menus (in addition: à la carte option).

You will have the chance to taste the flavours  of the mediterranean and valtellinese tradition – cooked with creativity and innovation.

The tradition and local culture of this region will be the central issue at the thematic evenings – enjoying a classic Valtellina dinner.

Piatti Ristorante, Hotel Spol
Piatti Ristorante, Hotel Spol

Some typical recipes

Have you ever tasted pizzoccheri, manfrigole, sciatt, or taroz? Surely you tried our typical dried beef meat bresaola della Valtellina – we can introduce you to many other local dishes! Manfrigole are buckwheat crepes, filled with mountain cheese.

Sciatt are buckwheat pancakes, filled with cheese; taroz is a traditional farmer recipe – cooked with mashed potatoes, beans and green beans.

The extraordinary Valtellina wines

Valtellina, the main valley around Livigno, produces excellent wines: its steep terraced vineyards are famous all over Europe. Their names are Inferno, Sassella and Grumello –excellent choice to accompany any of the typical Mediterrean and local dishes.

Vini Ristorante, Hotel Spol
Dolci Ristorante, Hotel Spol

The menu for sports people

Livigno offers the possibility to practice many different sport activities, in summer and in winter. In our wellness hotel we focus especially on health and condition: in Hotel Spöl gourmet restaurant we offer a special menu, designed for those who care about fitness – with a selection of quality and low-calories food.

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