Hot and cold baths

Along the paths of the Engadin, magical little houses offer wellness

In the wellness centre at Hotel Spöl, we set out to recreate the typical ambience of the nearby Engadin valley.

In the various dwellings of the quaint village, instead of the inhabitants, you will find the wonders of well-being, thanks to hot and cold baths.


Hot Baths

Take advantage of the beneficial action of steam, according to the ancient philosophy of bioclimatology. Take advantage of being in an authentic wellness hotel in Livigno to treat yourself:

A hot steam bath (45-48°C) with natural essences that helps regulate the skin’s ph and moisturise and cleanse the skin.

A dry bath (80-110°C) whose high temperature triggers a thermoregulation process, promoting the elimination of toxins with cardiovascular and muscular benefits.

It produces a warm tropical rain with water droplets and maracuja essence, accompanied by a revitalising orange colour therapy programme.

Cold Baths

After the hot baths, try the contrast with cold baths to stimulate a beneficial reaction in your body:

Millions of water particles atomised with mint essence, supported by a relaxing blue colour therapy programme.

Two-section path for alternating a hot and cold footbath, with a surprising benefit to the circulation.