Tunnel Munt La Schera

Useful information for reaching Livigno

The Munt La Schera tunnel is the access point to Livigno for those arriving from Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and all of Northern Europe. Transit is on an alternating one-way basis with a toll for vehicles up to a maximum height of 3.60 m and a maximum width of 2.50 m.

To reduce the waiting time at the toll station, we recommend buying a ticket online:

Online ticket sales are limited to the category cars up to 9 seats, motorbikes and motorhomes. All other categories must be purchased at the Punt dal Gall ticket office. The online ticket can be printed out or displayed digitally on a smartphone or tablet for checking in.


Opening Hours

We recommend checking opening hours. Special traffic regulations apply on Saturday winter days.

There are restrictions on opening hours at certain times, so please consult the official website.



Local Police Via Borch 108 Livigno – Tel: +39 0342 991199 –
Engadiner Kraftwerke AG Zernez (CH) – Tel: +41 (0) 818514311 –
Customs La Drossa (CH) – Tel: +41 (0) 818561888