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Body Treatments

Treatment for each feeling. Holiday Valtellina will be more beautiful!

Take your time to take care of yourself. A trip back inside the primordial womb! Camper and let yourself go in the worm and voluptuous embrace of Nuvola … you will be magically transported to the ancestral and protective memory, surrounded by sweet and warm aromas.

In this harmony between man and the environment, between body, soul and nature, you will achieve an unequalled sense of peace and wellness.

Nuvola chestnut mousse A precious source of mineral salts, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. The chestnut has strong regenerative and detoxifying actions at the skin level, stimulating circulation and metabolism. Invigorating for tired and heavy legs. 25/30 min. euro 45,00

Nuvola pepper mousse A body treatment with a mix of white mud, dead sea water and pepper for a lymphatic release, draining and reactivation of the micro-circulation helping to combat cellulite. The pepper face cream helps gives deep relaxation which reduces expression and stress signs. 25/30 min. euro 55,00

Nuvola mediterranean mousse Body treatment with dehydrating, anti-inflammatory mud composed of green clay, three different algae and sweet orange, fennel, lemon, thyme, mint, juniper and arnica essential oils. Excellent for treating cellulite, water retention and inflamed areas. 25/30 min. euro 45,00

Nuvola arnica mousse Body treatment, refreshing anti-inflammatory with pain-relieving and relaxing effects. Based on essential oils and arnica montana flowers. Ideal after physical activities in the mountains. 25/30 min. euro 45,00

Nuvola mountain pine mousse Body treatment, wrap with a forest scent. Activates skin renewal and promotes the removal of impurities. For firmer, tighter, smooth and healthy skin. 25/30 min. euro 45,00

Nuvola wild mint mousse Body treatment, wrap with cucumber pulp and plant extracts from green tea and ginseng. Enriched with peppermint essential oil. Refreshes, firms and tightens. 25/30 min. euro 50,00



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