Relieve tensions and enjoy your time at your hotel in Livigno

Thanks to the professionalism and care of our operators, you can choose from a wide range of massages.

Restores the balance between body and mind. The harmony of the movements stimulates pleasant feelings of well-being.
25 minutes 50 €; 55 minutes 70 €

The deep action loosens muscle contractures by acting on the elasticity of the muscles.
25 minutes 55 €; 55 minutes 70 €

Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system. Eliminates toxins and excess fluid. Reduces the feeling of heaviness.
55 minutes 80 €

Gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Through the variety of its manoeuvres it is very effective in eliminating muscular tension, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and promotes tissue oxygenation. It makes the skin firmer and more elastic, contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body. The deep feeling of relaxation it gives the body spreads to the mind, making this treatment also useful for combating stress and anxiety.
25 minutes 55 €; 55 minutes 75 €

Almond oil, coconut oil and shea
butter are melted by the flame and through the massage, deeply nourish, tone and moisturise. A warm, multi-sensory ritual that envelops body and mind.
55 minutes 80 €

A foot reflexology massage restores harmony and balance on a physical level by stimulating the body‘s self-healing processes.
25 minutes 55 €

Let yourself be inebriated by the aromatic notes of artemisia, tree moss, and juniper berries to take your mind and spirit on a wellness journey to discover the treasures stored in the heart ft he Dolomites.
55 minutes 80 €

A massage with balancing and relaxing action using hot volcanic stones along the body‘s energy lines. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates lymph flow and circulation. The hot stones promote harmony of body and soul, ideal for combating insomnia and stress.
55 minutes 80 €

Massage and light cleansing. An antioxidant, nourishing and elasticising treatment with Bagni di Bormio thermal water products.
30 minutes 55 €; 55 minutes 50 €

Light massage and deep cleansing in six steps: application of cleansing milk, acid soap, gentle peeling, nourishing mud, face lotion and mask. Based on vegetable oils for soft, smooth and moisturised skin.
55 minutes 70 €