Wellness rituals

Complete pathways for total well-being

In synergy with our staff, we have devised a number of different pathways consisting of treatments, mud baths, massages and more.

The Start Up herbal poultice is the star of this draining, stimulating and rebalancing treatment. The application of the mud is preceded by a pleasant detoxifying massage with Green Clay scrub and final Juniper gel. Start up, for moments of unforgettable well-being.
90 minutes – 98 €

After skiing or hiking, remain surrounded by nature! Continue to breathe in the scent of our forests.  Especially recommended after physical activity, this mountain pine ritual invigorates and vitalises. 75-minute bath and intensive sports massage. A panacea for the joints and respiratory tract.
90 minutes – 90 €

Extraordinary synergy of pepper essential oil, white mud and mother liquor, enhanced by precise manual techniques. It counteracts the blemishes of cellulite, even the most stubborn cellulite. Oligobath in the imperial tub and the Pepper body treatment (scrub and mud) precede the draining massage with Pepper cream. For smoother and firmer skin.
120 minutes – 150 €

Treat yourself to a moment of pampering and moisturise your skin. A milk and honey bath and a gentle relaxing full-body massage with almond oil, enriched with an essential oil of your choice. For the face, a mask with vegetable oils and moisturising cream for silky soft and smooth skin!
120 minutes – 135 €